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We stopped arranging perfectbad credit loans in 2022. Any servicing enquiries relating to a loan brokered by should be directed to the lender.

We still offer: Bad credit business loans

Bad credit business loans provide businesses of all sizes the opportunity to access financing they would not normally be able to obtain. These types of loans are specifically designed for companies with less than stellar credit histories, enabling them to receive funds quickly and easily. Repayment terms may vary depending on the lender’s criteria, but many lenders offer flexible repayment schedules that work best for the borrower. As a result, bad credit business loans provide businesses with an alternative source of capital when other traditional lending options may not be available.

Micro business loans

Micro business loans provide opportunities to small businesses who may not qualify for a regular loan. These types of loans offer flexible payments and higher approval rates, making it easier for entrepreneurs to access the capital they need to grow their operations. Its low interest rate makes micro lending more cost-effective than other forms of financing. At the same time, these products often come with more generous repayment terms, which can help ease the financial burden in difficult times. Micro business loans represent a reliable source of funding that can be tapped into whenever needed.

Emergency business loan

Access to emergency business loans can be a lifeline for small businesses in times of hardship. In an ever-shifting landscape, many companies find themselves struggling to stay afloat. However, securing the necessary funding quickly and efficiently is often a concern. Emergency business loans are designed to provide immediate financial assistance for those companies in urgent need. They generally feature minimal paperwork, flexible repayment plans, and fast approval turnaround—allowing businesses to continue operations quickly and get back on track. If your business is looking for a reliable financing solution that helps it weather any storm, an emergency business loan may be exactly the answer you’re looking for.

Loans for self employed

Taking out a loan as a self-employed person can be an attractive option when you need extra financing for major expenses or just to keep your business running. Loans can provide the liquidity needed to purchase inventory and equipment, renovate existing space or launch new marketing initiatives. Plus, with the right loan product and lender, self-employed individuals will potentially have access to competitive interest rates and reasonable repayment terms regardless of their credit score or income history. To make sure they’re getting the best deal, self-employed borrowers should review multiple products before making a decision and find out what documents they need to submit with their applications. With careful loan shopping and preparation, self-employment can ultimately lead to better borrowing power

Card terminal loans

Credit card machines are an invaluable tool for businesses to ensure transactions go smoothly, but it can be challenging to source the funds to purchase one. Thankfully, PDQ Funding offers users the opportunity to get a credit card machine loan with competitive interest rates and flexible terms. With this loan, you have all the benefits of a credit card machine without worrying about emptying your pocket. Plus, with an online application system in place, getting a loan has never been easier – all you need is a few minutes and you could soon have the capital required to get that much-needed credit card machine up and running.

Working capital loan

For businesses of any size, a working capital loan can be an invaluable financial resource. It allows owners to use short-term funds to finance the day-to-day operations of the business and help sustain growth. Working capital loans are typically taken out for periods of one year or less and can provide businesses with cash needed for operational costs such as expenses stemming from wages, rent, utility bills, and inventory. With a well-structured working capital loan, businesses can also benefit from lower interest rates that enable them to maximize profits while reducing debt. Ultimately, getting a working capital loan is an affordable way to take control of your business’s finances and successfully achieve long-term success.

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